Lenoxx Policy


To receive a credit for any product, the customer MUST present a proof of purchase to the respective retail store and the retail store must fax or email a copy to Lenoxx together with the Credit / RA request immediately. These should be emailed to christine@lenoxx.com.au or faxed to 1300 737 498.

1. The retail store has 6 months from the date of customer return to be able to claim for a credit. Any claims received after this time will be automatically rejected. Please note once RMA is issued, the retail store has 6 months from the date of RMA issue to return the product to Lenoxx. If the product/s is not received within this time frame, RMA will be cancelled and the product/s will be outside our terms for return or credit.

2. Any Lenoxx product returned within 14 days from the date of purchase which is DOA, can be refunded or credited as long as it falls within the claims as listed below. A Credit / RA request should be emailed to christine@lenoxx.com.au or faxed to 1300 737 498 together with the proof of purchase immediately. No products are to be disposed of until Credit Note or RMA are received by the retail store confirming of this. Any product disposed of and then claimed will be automatically rejected.


Any stores who have claims for Lenoxx must supply the paperwork as required. The claim forms can be downloaded from this website or they can be requested by sending an email to christine@lenoxx.com.au. The paperwork should be emailed back to christine@lenoxx.com.au or faxed to 1300 737 498.

Any outstanding claims over 60 days old will be automatically rejected.

The warranty does not cover goods that have been accidentally damaged or misused by the customer (destructively or commercially). All Lenoxx products are designed for domestic use only and the warranty does not cover commercial use.

Lenoxx is not liable for any secondary damage caused by faulty units (i.e. damaged CD’s, DVD’s, etc.) or any personal damage, as a result of a faulty unit.

Lenoxx warranty does not cover any accessories that have been misused, dropped or tampered with. Should the accessory be proven to have a manufactures’ fault, the accessory will be replaced or credited.

AFTER 14 DAYS OF CONSUMER PURCHASE (if under warranty)

3. All goods under $200.00 retail value can be replaced or credited immediately provided condition number one is met and a Credit / RA request should be immediately emailed to christine@lenoxx.com.au or faxed to 1300 737 498.

4. All goods over a $200.00 retail value, the retail stores must email a Warranty Repair Form request with the proof of purchase attached to service@lenoxx.com.au or fax to 03 9267 2185. Lenoxx service will instruct how to proceed with your repair.


6. Remote controls should be sent to Lennox service for repair or replacement provided it is a manufacturers’ fault. Power adaptors can be destroyed, but the service department should be contacted promptly at service@lenoxx.com.au or fax to 03 9267 2185 (except for STB300 adaptors which needs to be returned for repair with customer’s proof of purchase).

7. All stylus, earphones, aerials and microphones will be replaced up to 14 days from the original date of purchase, if found faulty. After 14 days, they can be purchased directly from Lenoxx service.

Lenoxx service department can be contacted at service@lenoxx.com.au or fax to 03 9267 2185.


The actual product may vary from the images shown on the website. The actual colours of the product may vary from those shown depending on the device you are using to view the product and/or the angle of the product that is photographed. Specification provided for each product is based on the information provided to us by our suppliers and is to be used as a general guide only. Lenoxx does not accept any responsibility or liability for the full accuracy of the product information provided.

Lenoxx reserves the right to change the prices of the products and to modify or discontinue any product featured on this website at any time, without notice.