Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

This 2-in-1 alarm clock will conveniently charge up your compatible smartphone.

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Wireless Charging Bluetooth Alarm Clock

This 2-in-1 alarm clock will conveniently charge up your compatible smartphone.

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Sleek Projector Clock Radio

With a green LED display and a contrasting red LED projection hue.

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Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone

Built-in rechargeable battery lasting between three and four hours of playback.

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IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Can be immersed one metre underwater for up to 30 minutes.

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Bluetooth DVD Hi-Fi System

Give your movies, music, videos and any other content an extra sound boost.

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AM/FM Mantle Radio

Simply plug your radio in, or take it on the go with a set of batteries.

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Super Radio

Perfect for travellers, this ‘super’ radio lets you access stations at long distances.

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Smartphone-Charging Clock Radio

The huge 1.2 inch LED number display will keep you on time with ‘hi/lo’ dimming.

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Large Number Clock Radio

The huge 4.6 centimetre LED number display is efficiently visible while awakening.

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AM/FM Clock Radio

Its subtle, green LED display is easy-to-view by day and night, with its 0.6” size.

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Bluetooth Retro Music Centre

Our vintage-inspired music centre boasts a modest, retro exterior.

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Hi-fi Turntable Vinyl LP/3 CD Player/Dual cassette Recorder record/AM/FM radio

Play the music you love, in the format it was made for.

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Home Entertainment System

It’s sleek black or brown frame features wooden speaker boxes.

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Portable CD Player

This top-loading CD player is the perfect companion on any adventure.

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Portable CD/Cassette Player

This top-loading CD and front-loading cassette player is the perfect companion.

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Bluetooth Speaker 300W RMS Audio DJ/Party Entertainment w/Remote -81cm

Get the most out of your listening and entertainment experience.

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LED Flame Light Bluetooth Speaker

With two 20.3cm woofers and two 2.5cm tweeters.

LED Bluetooth Jukebox

This powerhouse jukebox provides robust sound with 30 watts total RMS.

LED Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Each woofer is 16.5cm in circumference and puts out 15 watts each.

LED Stage Lights Bluetooth Speaker

Each woofer is 15.4cm in circumference and puts out 40 watts.

Bluetooth Turntable

This full-size, 3-speed turntable plays 33, 45 and 78 RPM.